Constructed Wetlands in Tanzania: Documents
Financial or Socio-Economic Mechanisms Controlling the Constructed Wetlands Service Chain in Tanzania
Richard Kimwaga, Leonard Gastory, Chacha Nyamboge, Francis Mutabazi
Factors for Success and Failures of Constructed Wetlands in the Sanitation Service Chains
Richard J. Kimwaga, William J.S. Mwegoha, Anes Mahenge, Agnes M. Nyomora, Leonard G. Lugali
Water-related Diseases of People using Municipal Wastewater: Risks, Exposure, Effects on Health and Control Approaches in Tanzania
Outwater, Anne H.; Pamba, Siajali; Outwater, Alice B.
Presentation: Introduction Constructed Wetland Technology
Rob Van Deun
Stakeholders Analysis and Engagement Plan
Design example: Horizontal Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland for a Secondary School in Tanzania
Rob Van Deun
Construction of Demonstration Constructed Wetland (CW) Unit at Iringa Girls Secondary School, Iringa, Tanzania
WWS Design and Development Co. Ltd
Field Survey in Iringa Municipal for Identification Sensi-tization and Selection of Potential CW Adopters
Presentation: Introduction to Water Management in the EU; Case Study: Flanders
Rob Van Deun
Opportunities for Re-Use of Treated Effluent and Valorization of By-Products
Richard Kimwaga, Agnes Nyomora, William Mwegoha, Anes Mahenge, Leonard G. Lugali
Policy, Regulatory and Administrative Institutional Framework for Possible Promotion of CW Technology in Tanzania
Jamidu H.Y. Katima, Asumin Kantinga, Noel William