Consultancy Assignment: Tree Nursery, Belgium
A constructed wetland was designed to treat the irrigation runoff from the container plant production. The treated water will be collected in a water reservoir and reused as irrigation water. This system will result in a decrease of the groundwater consumption with 35% per hectare production area.
Main objective of the constructed wetland is the removal of fungal spores.  A secondary objective is the removal of nutrients.
Main Characteristics


Sedimentation and screening

Horizontal Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland

Design Basis
440 m≥/day
Surface Area
1250 m≤
Length x Width
34.4 m x 36.4 m (surface)
Max. Hydraulic Loading
1043 m≥/day
Filtration Materials
Gravel 4/14 (Inlet and outlet: gravel 8/32)
HDPE 2.0
Phragmites australis