Consultancy Assignment: Camping Site, Holland
During the high season approximately 12 m≥ of domestic wastewater is produced daily on the camping site. According to the legal permits, the treated wastewater must be discharged through a soil infiltration. Discharge in surface waters is not allowed.
To maximize the nutrient removal, a hybrid system was designed. The last stage, a stabilization pond, acts as a soil infiltration.

Hybrid System: Horizontal Subsurface Flow CW, Free Water Surface, Stabilization Pond

Design basis
80 p.e.
Type of Wastewater
domestic wastewater
Hydraulic Loading
12 m≥/day

Pretreatment: Septic Tank

Effective volume
30 m≥ in total
Residence Time
approximately 2.5 days
5 different (existing) septic tanks in series

Horizontal Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland (HSSF)

Surface Area
350 m≤
Length x Width
35 m x 10 m
0.70 m (mean value, slope 0.57%)
Filtration Materials
Gravel 4/14 (Inlet gravel 8/32, outlet gravel 8/32)
Phragmites australis

Free Water Surface (FWS)

Surface Area
110 m≤
Water Level
maximum 0.45 m
Iris pseudacorus, Scirpus lacustris, Typha latifolia, Pontederia cordata, Butomus
umbellatus, Menyanthus trifoliata, Phalaris arundinacea

Stabilization Pond

Surface Area
140 m≤
Water Level
maximum 1.45 m
(possibly) Lemna minor
Main Characteristics