Consultancy Assignment: Domestic Wastewater Family Home
In Belgium the most popular system to treat the wastewater of single family homes, is a vertical subsurface flow constructed wetland. This system requires less surface area compared to other constructed wetlands. A disadvantage is the necessity of a pump to distribute the wastewater on top of the wetland.
Main Characteristics

Vertical Subsurface Flow CW

Design basis
5 p.e.
Type of Wastewater
domestic wastewater
Hydraulic Loading
0.75 m≥/day

Pretreatment: Septic Tank

Effective volume
3 m≥
Residence Time
4 days

Vertical Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland (VSSF)

Surface Area
15 m≤
Length x Width
5 m x 3 m
1.20 m
Filtration Materials
coarse sand  (Inlet gravel 8/16, outlet gravel 8/16)
Phragmites australis