Removal of Fungal Spores using Constructed Wetlands

Treatment of Irrigation Runoff from Tree Nurseries

Constructed Wetlands

Pilot Plant

Horizontal Subsurface Flow, 8 mesocosms
Surface area
0.784 m
0.5 m (water level)
Length x Width
1.12 m x 0.72 m
Hydraulic Loading
0.1 m/ (in 8 pumping cycles per day)
Filtration Materials
2 x lightweight expanded clay 0/4; 2 x gravel 2/12; 2 x gravel/sand/gravel; 2 x coarse
Phragmites australis, Iris pseudacorus
A pilot plant was built to treat part of  the irrigation runoff from the tree nursery of the department of Agro- and
Biotechnology K.H.Kempen. Horizontal subsurface flow systems were used. A venturi system could be used to
inoculate and mix the water with fungal spores, immediately before entering the mesocosms.
Four different types of filtration materials were evaluated: lightweight expanded clay, gravel, gravel/sand/gravel and
sand. The vegetation consisted of Phragmites australis and Iris pseudacorus. Five types of fungal spores were
chosen for the tests: Verticillium, Fusarium, Thielaviopsis, Pythium and Phytophthora.